HarpersART are one of the few companies that not only design and manufacture hanging systems but will install and test them as well.


We have a team of installers who are trained to install and test track systems in the most difficult of locations.  Trained in the use of aluminium scaffold towers and mobile telescopic platforms we are able to work at heights way beyond that of normal ceiling heights.


Soldiers of Oxford Museum


Installation of the Fine Art & Tapestry Batten into a sky-light has enabled the display of many objects and artworks like these foam board 'heroes'.


Stretch wires can be installed to hang various objects thus creating a valuable temporary exhibition space.

Installation of banners using engineered support system on Fine Art  Tapestry Batten.

Torre Abbey.



Complete Museum and Gallery Fit-out of Hanging System, Hanging of Art Collection and Mounting of Exhibits.


Our project at Torre Abbey involved the installation of 300 metres of Fine Art & Tapestry Batten, the handling and hanging of over 250 pieces of Fine Art and the mounting of various museum exhibits into the various cabinets.

Scaffolding to Atria

Plymouth University Marine Building.


Installation of Large Format Acrylic Images.


We are able to errect our own aluminium tower scaffolds to access areas that offer ideal viewing space for large format images.

Careful precision installation means that we can carry out installation with the minimum of disruption.





Wellington Arch.

Installation of hanging track manufactured to the clients special colour

Corporate Member


Leading the way in professional hanging systems.



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Tensioned Wire Track System.

Track fitted to the top and bottom for busy corridors

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